YAY!!! OUR JULY CAMP IS FULL! We are looking forward to a fun filled week:)

Summer Art Camps

summer art camp

These summer art camps are designed by two Art educators who will ignite your child’s imagination and foster his/her critical thinking skills through a study and practice of the Masters. Each session includes guided gallery explorations of the Wham Center for the Arts followed by hands-on workshops where participants create their own works of art to curate for the final project–a Children’s Art Exhibit. Students will be introduced to various mediums and methods including drawing, painting, up-cycle design, sculpture, and collage. June 16-20 or July 21-25.  Time: 9am-12pm, Cost: $75.00, Contact: Josie Garcia 623-340-2653 Email: info@greendollsstudio.com.

Support FREE Art Classes 4 All Kids on Arizona Gives Day April 9th

Green Dolls Studio is partnering with Wham Art Association to provide FREE art classes over the summer.
ALL KIDS ART is an art program designed for children from low income families, children with disabilities, or children with limited access to the arts, but all children are welcome to participate. Last summer WHAM community art center reached out to over 200 families in these categories and who reside west of Phoenix. Over a two month period the organization provided four free clay classes for these families and each of their children. This year the goal is to engage over 400 families and their children to participate in learning about and creating a variety of art mediums. Classes this summer will include clay, painting, drawing, up-cycled designs and mixed media. WHAM art programs are designed to help all families and students overcome obstacles faced in accessing quality arts education and to enhance these students performance in school. Free Summer Art Class Schedule will be out soon.
Donate Today and Please Share this Link http://azgives.razoo.com/story/All-Kids-Art.

Upcycled Art

What is up-cycled art? It is the art of taking items that are due for the trash or recycle bin and re-designing them into beautiful, unique art. This art form is a valuable process for children. It helps them recognize ways to reuse materials, waste less and be concerned with their own environment. In addition they are engaged in projects that promote innovation and ingenuity. Teach your little artists the importance of caring for the earth and individual expression, share with them up-cycled art!

Learning How to Live Green in Your Home


We could all use some help in learning how to live more green in our personal lives and around our homes. During the first four months of the year the Glendale Public Library located at  5959 W. Brown St. in Glendale, Arizona will be hosting a series of events called the Green Living Series. These free workshops are designed to help individuals learn more efficient “green” practices for the home. The various events are coordinated by the Glendale Water Services Department Conservation & Sustainable Living Office. Contact Bruce Patrick for more information at 623.930-3760 or bpatrick@glendaleaz.com.

Green Living Series



Graffiti Artist Julio Miranda

At first glance, Julio Miranda is a shy and unknowing, quiet young man. However with a few gentle proddings he gracefully transforms into a self aware yet humble young artist.  A self described graffiti artist, Miranda is hopeful regarding his future in the art world but recognizes he would like to learn about more traditional forms of art. In describing his creative process Julio says he looks for things to inspire him and then he makes them his own. He also says when he paints he likes to stay busy at his work.

As a graffiti artist Miranda makes use of words. His favorite phrase is “LiveFree, Stay Free”. He acknowledges words carry a great deal of meaning, but he also feels they can also simply be graphics painted on canvas. Miranda wants people to recognize that the art of graffiti can be carried on through canvas and other such materials and that one does not need to deface public property or spaces to express themselves. Miranda’s favorite mediums include latex paint, acrylic paint and markers. Julio Miranda has collaborated with several artists at the Wham Art Association in Surprise, AZ.  For more information on this artist or to see one of his pieces stop by the Wham Community Art Center and visit the Teen Room.

For a commissioned piece, collaboration or simply to exchange ideas call Julio Miranda at 623-521-9831.

Recycled Art Show & Fundraiser at the WHAM

recycle art

Lady Mandala by Susan Turner
 Recycled Plastic Bags 

bottle cap art

Just Because by Josie Garcia Bottle Cap Art

The What’s Happening Art Movement in Surprise is holding its Recycled Art Show & Fundraiser this weekend. It is an exciting event that will feature student art work form the Estrella Mountain Community College Fashion department and unique recycled art work designed by various members of the Wham Art Association. The show will begin on Saturday November 2, 2013 at 1pm and it will continue until 4pm. There is a $15.00 fee which includes a raffle ticket, food–catered by the Culinary Department from Estrella Mountain Community College–and entrance in to the Wham Art Gallery.

The recycled art work on display for this event exemplifies how material intended to be discarded may be recycled into creative, fun and even beautiful pieces of art. Some of the artists have used old textiles and fabrics, broken jewelry, plastic bags, shattered pieces of clay, and other such items to design their work. All art work will be for sale and can be purchased on the day of the event. Please come enjoy the art, food, music, and fun that will certainly inspire you to create some recycled designs at home! The Wham Community Art Center is located at 16560 N. Dysart Rd. in Surprise, AZ. Contact Wham Art Association for more information or visit their website at http://www.wham-art.org.

Brown Bag Challenge


The Wham Art Association sponsored a recycled art event called the Brown Bag Challenge. It was held on October 5th , 2013 in the main educational room at the Wham Community Art Center in Surprise, AZ. This was an exciting event where the participating artist were given a brown paper bag filled with numerous pieces of scrap material–an empty wine bottle, small plastic bags, scraps of paper, old corks, bottle caps, etc. The artists were given three hours to create an original piece of art with the materials they were provided. These ten amazing artists worked carefully and diligently, some using up to the last minutes of the contest to finish their work.

This contest was a juried event and first, second and third place awards were given. Congratulations to the three winners and all of the Wham artists who participated in the Brown Bag Challenge. This was certainly a delightful event and an excellent way of showing support for the local community art center. The three winners’ pieces are on display at the Wham Art Association Community Center in the main gallery lobby. For more information about the Wham Art Center and other upcoming recycled events visit http://www.wham-art.org

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